Welcome to the Processing Foundation Discourse

This is a place to discuss Processing, p5.js, Processing for Android, Processing for Pi, Processing.py and related software initiatives. It’s a place to talk about general ideas and specific projects. You can learn more about the Processing Foundation on its website.

Our goal is to promote software literacy within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology-related fields — and to make these fields accessible to diverse communities. Our goal is to empower people of all interests and backgrounds to learn how to program and make creative work with code.

We want to keep this site as friendly and useful as possible for everyone, and that comes with a few rules. Before posting or replying to others please consult the following guides:

The p5.js Community Statement is also a good place to understand the values of our community. Read it and embrace it.

We hope this Discourse will be a place for you to learn and to share.

This is the fourth discussion system for Processing. The first was launched in 2002. Here are the links to the archives: