Heatmap and raw data

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Please, I only need to understand if I could consider an heatmap correspondent to a human gene microarray as raw data or if it is just an analysis…
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Can I ask you to be more specific with your question?

Do you have a code-snippet that’s malfunctioning? Do you have any pictures or description of what a “human gene microarray” is for someone who doesn’t know what that is?

Is this for an assignment? What counts as data and what counts as analysis depends on context – for example, the criteria of an assignment, course, grant, or field of study – they aren’t objective things.

I am not the direct researcher but of the scientific directorate;

the heatmap is in the supplementary data of the institute’s publications, accessible to all … in the process of reporting the projects to the Italian Ministry of Health, it is necessary to add the raw data, those available

So I wondered whether to link a heat map or not.

Thank you so much

Barbara Barbaro, PhD
Rome, Italy

It sounds like it would be necessary to include if it provides information that is not easily available through other project outputs. If the map was key to the interpretation of the results, and it is not trivial to recreate the map from other “raw” data, then the ethical thing might be to include the map. But: I am not a lawyer and have no experience with Italian health research law.

Was this heatmap made in Processing? This is a forum for questions about Processing.org specifically – not signal processing or data processing in general.

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