Algorithmic and AI Editorial Design

Hey Guys!
I am new to Processing, let alone coding in general. But I have had an idea.

I am interested in AI design, and the capability it might hold in the future. As of yet the design is very grid like and structured. I want to test the limits of AI design and content aware design, and produce a printed editorial piece of design where the content influences the design output.

To simplify / For example:
I want to create a system that takes the weather report every day from the BBC News website, and re-designs the content based on the precipitation levels, wind speeds, temperature etc…
I want to the print this design every day to create a physical database of different weather conditions. There should be a clear visual difference between the layouts created.

This is for a university brief so I am working against time restraints, and although I have tried to learn how to do this myself, I am struggling to get beyond generating rectangles that act as a grid.

Is there anyone out there who can help me? Where do I start… can anyone guide me to pages that I need to start tying together? ANYONE who helps will be acknowledged for any work throughout. I am by no means looking to steal the glory - I just want to start exploring this area, and would appreciate any help from your collective minds.

Thank you all for your time… and patience!

To give us a better idea of what you’re describing, could you link similar projects or visuals?

Hey Tony,

thanks for showing some interest!

Below are some images of what I want the end result to look like. I want the layout and hierarchy of the design to be informs by the weather readings.

Any ideas?


@ewanleslie – I hope you made some progress on your project.

Here is a past discussion of a beginner generative design project you might find interesting:

I’d also encourage you to look at browse through past work in Processing while thinking about what kind of content mapping you are trying to do.

…and in particular check out the book “Generative Design”