Guidance on releasing new Processing-like library

Recently I thought it would be a cool idea to create a library based on Processing for the Haxe programming language. So far its actually going quite smoothly!

Anyway… I was wondering what may be the best approach to releasing the project into the world. Ive not actually posted any major projects on github or anything so this thing feels kinda new to me :sweat_smile:. Would it also make sense to make a mode out of it or contact The Processing Foundation when its mostly complete?


I think in your case from what I understand, you want to release Haxe as a mode. Check this post as it is relevant: Any documentation for creating custom modes?

I do not have much experience on this, but I do encourage you to get it in github. That is, if you are going public with your project. Feel free to discuss any ideas or ask for feedback in the forum, as there are people here that have done things similar to this. The R and Pythone modes would be projects that you want to keep an eye on as they are recent additions in Processing. You could use them as your starting point.


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I actually did check out that post before I sent this one! I will definitely check out those modes and Processing’s GitHub for more reference. Maybe R and Python’s as well.

Since I’m kind of new to Github… I’d assume I’d just make a repository… commit my stuff… copy link… and maybe post in Gallery or Development or something like that. Maybe make a README with instructions on how to use and potentially a to-do list showing what I may expect to add (or someone else add as well…). Don’t know how important a license is yet though… or if I can change it and stuff… but it seems like most of these stuff uses GPL (or something like that…)