He_Mesh documentation

hi all,

please where can I find the HE_Mesh library documentation, it disappeared when I updates and I can not find in the author website ! am I missing something ?


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HE_Mesh library:

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hi glv,

I have the library, but I can not find the documentation!

Is this what you want, didn’t take too much finding…

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I don’t think it is free! and I am just looking for some plain normal documentation…

The example set is linked from the repo:

See also:

thanks Jeremy, but the link to tutorials is broken, and the examples do not cover all the library. so I think the simple answer is there is no documentation for this library right now. I am sure I used to have it with an older version, but it is not available with the latest one!

Sure – perhaps contact the developer if you have a request for new updated material. It sounds like he accepts sponsors.

If you want to use the 5.0.2 materials that you remember (instead of 2019 “phoenix”) you can use those tutorials if you want. Or perhaps look for them on wayback:


Hi @jeykech,

I am afraid there is no documentation of the library at the moment. Even if you had one it would probably be outdated since a lot of things have changed since the latest phoenix version.

The best thing you can do is read the source code and available examples (as suggested by Jeremy) and if you have questions feel free to ask here on the forum or directly to @wblut (the author) on GitHub, he usually is quick to respond.

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@solub @jeremydouglass
thank you guys for your answers. I will go this way then!