Having trouble installing libraries offline


I have been trying to install libraries in a windows computer that, for various purposes has no internet connection. Some libraries are straight forward. In the case of PixelFlow and VideoExport I’m having trouble.

By renaming some folders and what not I was able to have the VideoExport examples appear, but hamoid.com.* is not recognized.

If the libraries don’t follow this setup, I have no luck installing them. Have had no issues installing them from within the IDE in an internet connected computer. But in this case that is not anywhere close to almost maybe being a semi-option in a 100 years.

Any tips appreciated.

If you have access to another computer with an Internet connection install the libraries using the Contribution Manager and then compare the file structure to the one you created on the Windows machine and make sure they are the same.


Yes, off course - I will try that . . . I’ll let you know

Yes, it worked. Just copied the libraries folder wholesale from a mac to a windows - no problem. Had some issues with video export at first but I went through the examples and initialized the ffmpeg there, which I had already installed on the machine.

So much joy when stuff works!