GSoC'22 Question about the topics

Hi! I’m Gracia from NYU ITP first year. p5.js is my guide into coding. I’d love to participate in GSoC to contribute to Processing Foundation. I have a question about the topics. I’m interested in several topics such as p5.js Teach page, Internationalization, p5.js Showcase and XR library. Is it possible for me to involve into different topics?

Hi Gracia, thanks for your interest! You can submit up to 3 different proposals for GSoC—it can be a good idea to submit a few different proposals because usually some areas have lots of applications while others have few or none. I’d focus each proposal on just one project, as they are all big enough projects to take an entire summer.

Rules are listed here, for reference: Google Summer of Code

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Thank you for your information and advise! I will come back for help once I finished first version of my proposal.

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