GSoC'22 Proposal - Reference Code Improvements

Hello Everyone, I’m here with my proposal for this summer on the topic “Reference Code Improvements”. It would be a great help if the project mentors and other community members review my proposal so that I can improve the proposal in the upcoming days. Do read and add the comments in Google Docs wherever you feel it is required. I will be happy to communicate and coordinate with the community.

Here’s the link to my Proposal - GSOC Proposal on Reference Page

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Hey @mcintyre @micycle. Can you please tag the respective mentor of this project idea so that he/she can review my proposal? Meanwhile, please do check the proposal and give the review if anything is needed or to be rectified.

@akshatnema your proposal is off to a great start! It’s very well organized and you clearly know your way around the website’s codebase.

My big suggestion (see comments) is to specify how beginners will benefit from your efforts. Will you simplify/clarify the language in the inline documentation and thus the website? Will search become more powerful/intuitive? Will the layout of the reference pages themselves take a step forward in terms of presentation?

There are many other adventures to choose from – happy to explore some of them with you!

Thanks @mcintyre for reviewing the proposal. I have read the comments, written by you, and working on it as well. I am on the way to exploring many such issues for Reference Pages. I have replied to your comments on the proposal. Do check it out and we can have good and point-to-point discussions on the proposal. As soon as I will update it, I will ping you for further issues that are to be resolved or should be considered in the proposal.

Also, I request you kindly check the Project List in the Processing Wiki. There are no Possible mentors assigned to the “Reference Code Improvements” project. If possible, kindly inform the community members regarding this and update the Wiki showing mentors for this project idea.

Responses added! Echoing my comment, I think the performance enhancements you scoped out in your first draft could play an important role in increasing access, particularly for people who lack resources.

More performant sites transfer less data and use fewer CPU cycles. This means that people with slow internet connections, underpowered devices, relatively expensive electricity, etc. will have an easier time utilizing the reference pages.

And I think you can read that part of the project listing in the wiki as “Possible Mentors: TBD”.

Hey @mcintyre, I have updated the proposal accordingly to the changes suggested by you. I have added the addition of the new functions and their documentation in the proposal and it has been properly proposed for further improvement. I have also proposed the idea of adding the Hindi translation of the Reference pages in the Coding phase. I think it will increase the access of the documentation to more users and will help them in using the p5js library.

I focused evenly on both the value addition and performance enhancement of the Reference pages. The feedback I recently received from the recent users of p5.js, majorly pinpointed the Responsiveness and performance of the website. So, I think we should take up this as an opportunity to build our website to a better version.

Waiting for a reviewal of the proposal from your side…

I added a few comments :+1:t4:

@mcintyre I left some comments as replies to your comments. Kindly check those and answer them as soon as possible. :+1:

Hey @mcintyre, Thanks for devoting your time to reviewing my proposal. You have precious and valuable suggestions to add to my proposal. Those suggestions helped me a lot in understanding the Project idea in a better way. Since we are approaching the deadline for the submission of contributor’s application, I request you to kindly go through my proposal for the final time, to get a finishing touch on it and it can suitably increase my chances for selection.
Once again, thanks a lot for guiding me in the process. Looking forward to your replies and comments on the proposal.

Hey @kjhollen, sorry for disturbing you. I had already got some good reviews and suggestions from @mcintyre. But, I also request you to kindly review my proposal for the final time as it is going to be deadline tomorrow. So, kindly do know me the changes I need to push in the proposal for the final finish in it.
Thank you