Query regarding reference and Example code improvements Projects

I just want to clarify that in these two projects we basically have to improve the UI of the pages that are linked in the project right? Not only UI but also other features as well?
What else to do more? Please guide me!
Thank you

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Hi @Saksham, I believe the idea is to update the content as well—how can the reference and examples be more beginner friendly?

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Thanks a lot, @kjhollen, I understood. Here is my rough idea about any one of the projects please correct me if I was wrong.

  1. First thing is to change the UI of the page and add more additional features.
  2. To update the content of it -
    2.1) more readable and understandable to the user
    2.2) improvements in each content that makes it look attractive.

That’s what I think. Am I right?
And one more doubt is there any specific proposal template? If not then what should a proposal contain?