GSoC 2022 Proposal: p5.js Reference Page Improvements

Hi all! My name is Greg Dutcher and I would like to submit a proposal for improving the Reference page on the p5.js website. Here is my proposal. Any feedback is welcome!

Thank you,


Hi! Wondering if anyone had any feedback. Am eager to know how I could improve my proposal!

Hi @gregdutcher, thanks for sharing your proposal! I couldn’t comment on the document directly, so I’ll leave some brief feedback here. I appreciate the way user research is a key part of your proposal and will drive the development decisions made. In a few places, I think you’ve listed “resources” page when you mean reference. One thing I’ll offer is that we don’t have an existing process for formal user studies—so contacting folks to participate in the study would definitely be a time consuming part of the project. As far as existing research goes, Ashley Jane Lewis interviewed a number of people about other pages as part of Google Season of the Docs last year and her final report is available here: GSoD p5 Tech Writer: General Report | by Ashley Jane Lewis | Medium