GSOC: P5 Web editor idea

Hello everyone,
I just have one query regarding the ideas proposed. I would like to work on asset improvement - “Upload file through URL” and on implementing search functionality. Will it be a good idea to submit a proposal based on these two ideas? Can I work on implementing some part of asset improvement and implementing serach functionality completely?

Thank you
Apoorv Taneja

I think those are good ideas. Not sure what you mean by search functionality though. I am happy to look over a proposal if that helps.

By search functionality I mean, Implementing an option for searching through the list of projects.
Here is the link of my proposal -
@saberkhan @cassie It would be helpful if you could review before final submission and suggest necessary changes.

Thanking you.

proposal overall looks good! i think you might be taking on too much for the summer, and i would give yourself some time for unexpected stuff that always comes up with software development.

Thanks @cassie for reviewing it. :slight_smile:
In that case if you suggest, should I remove “Uploading file through URL” and just go with implementing search field and solving existing bugs in present file uploading system?

Thank you.

whatever you would rather work on!

@cassie I have made the changes to my proposal. Can you please review it again?

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile: