Internationalization improvements of p5.js Web Editor

Hello all, I hope everyone is safe and healthy!
My name is Dorothee I am a Junior at Columbia University in New York, this is my first draft for my GSoC 2020 proposal. This summer I would be very interested in expanding the p5.js web editor to French. I am a native English and French speaker so it would be really special to be able to mix that with my CS skills. Would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this project and draft. Thank you!

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Hi @Dorothee and welcome! i’m going to tag @cassie in case they have any feedback. i’ll try to take a look too! Thanks for posting!


@Dorothee, could you turn on sharing for the document? i’m getting an access denied error from google drive when i click on that link.

Hello! Hopefully this works, sorry about that.

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it does, thank you! :smile: