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i have few question regarding this idea ,
in the Expected outcomes section ,
the last point that is
Tests run on every pull request in a headless browser
is it about Travis bot or we have to use Jenkins explicitly ?
please give suggestions
thank you
@lmccart @kjhollen
please help!

Library : p5.js-sound

I have almost completed my gsoc proposal for
{ IMPROVE TEST COVERAGE In p5.js-sound library}
, just i have to clear one thing, for

We are currently using travis ci for build passes on every pull request.


what i think above statements says that we should be able to run (currently there)
2.custom unit tests that we write in our tests folder( to be implemented)?.
On every pull request made to repo.

Is thi so?.

In that case we only have to setup configuration files like

1.travis.yml( script : npm run build & & npm run tests)

2.configuring mocha to return the status (ok/not-okay) when it runs the tests that we wrote in tests folder. And then travis cloud server depending upon the status thrown by the process npm run tests, will allow or disallow the pull request to merge…

Is that we are supposed to achieve in this project?.

If anything else, please let me know, as i am about to submit the draft proposal…

There is a commit of yours that adds travis.yml and configures it to run travis-ci on every pull request,

can you Please help me regarding this…

@jeremydouglass please help

I am not a p5.sound developer ( @therewasaguy @lmccart ) but I believe that you are correct.

Your tests should use the existing build/test setup. Continuous integration should run the tests against any pull submitted by anyone.

A key word here is “headless”. The tests for sound must run in a Travis headless environment – Chrome headless.

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Thanks for your review.