Improve Test Coverage in p5.Sound library - request for review

hey all,
I know that the deadline is right around the corner. But I’ve finished the proposal and any review is appreciated.

I’m not familiar with much of the contents so only some structural stuff - I feel it’s a bit hard to follow because there are many tasks but I’m not sure if they are ordered in a certain way (it seems not priority or schedule, and this confuses me). Also the way you describe is like notes or is about the process and not clear about what exactly the current state is, what is needed and what you propose for your project. And maybe good to write a description about what the library is…?

Hey, @micuat thanks for the suggestions.

Actually, the order is according to the priority of the project, like minor upgrades are of least priority & adding tests are of the maximum. But the problem is that we cannot make progress in the priority order. For example, doing coverage(part-5) before completing tests is more convenient .

I’ll make sure to correct the order and will try to make it easy to read.