GSOC 2021- Discussion regarding FES project

Hello everyone, I am Sai Bhushan an undergraduate student of IIT KGP, India. I have been looking into the FES project and need some help.

Firstly, in the ideas list it is mentioned that we should add internationalization/localization which as far as I know is implemented already and the link its been pointing to is an issue which is recently closed. Please give me some clarification.

Next, the link provided for a code block for which we should add comments is deleted

Finally, can someone explain me how this function works.

Hoping to submit a proposal soon :crossed_fingers:

did you check this article already?

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Yeah. I’ve checked it

since gsoc expects students to work rather autonomously I don’t think it’s not a good start to ask “how does this function work”. You should ask questions like I followed the code but couldn’t understand line xx, for example. Otherwise, though it sounds harsh, it gives an impression that you don’t have skills to undertake this project. And for the closed issue, my understanding is that it’s just an addition of i18n the library for internationalization and the content (translation) needs to be added.

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Hey @micuat ,
I understand your point.
The problem is that I did understand what the code does by digging into some issues and PRs.
But I have a doubt if I got the true picture of the situation and thought of having a good discussion if someone comes forward with some clarity.

in that case you should write the description of how you understand that function! Then someone may correct it, which I think it’s more constructive :slight_smile: