GSOC 2021 Introduction and questions

Hey Guys!

I’m Reyan, a current Computer Science undergraduate Student. I love the work that the Processing foundation has been doing so far and have been using p5.js and processing myself in many of my creative coding projects. I’m currently looking forward to participating and contributing to GSOC.

and can someone tell me when will the project ideas will be uploaded to the GitHub page as the project listed there currently are from last year?


Hey everyone, I’m Ekagra an Information Technology undergraduate freshman studying in Indian Institute Of Information Technology Allahabad. I would like to contribute to Processing this summer for GSoC’21 and also learn in the process. Can somebody guide me to a mentor so I can move forward from here ? Thanks.

Processing GSOC 21. This page contains the updated list of projects and ideas to contribute to.

I hope everyone is safe and in good health in the wake of prevailing COVID-19.
My name is Rohan Gupta and I am a 3rd-year Computer Science undergraduate student at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. I have been working with Swift for a couple of years now and have in-depth knowledge of it. I look forward to contributing to Processing Foundation as part of this year’s GSoC.
It would be a great assistance if someone could help me connect to a mentor.

Currently, I am not able to view p5.js-web-editor projects. Is it also the case for everyone? or just me

Hi, do you mean the Github repository?

It is here.

I just started contributing to p5.js web editor a short time ago, so if you need help with setting up the developing environment, I can help with that!

Yeah the p5.js-web-editor 's projects were edited out yesterday night.
Don’t know if they will add them again or not. Hoping they do …

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they are still adding projects the project u saw was from last year’s GSOC

If you are new to p5.js the huge codebase can be quite overwhelming. Below I have linked the resources which will surely help you.

p5.js has awesome documentation, almost all the things you need to get started can be found

p5.js reference can be found here

the project lists are yet to be updated right?

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Lists are updated so quickly.This usually takes a certain amount of time.

Hello everyone,

my name is Jay, a current Computer Science undergraduate student. I am very curious about work in Processing Foundation and have to use processing-android. I’m currently looking forward to participating and contributing to GSOC.

thank you

Hey @rt1301 they are updated now (I think) have a look

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Hi all, we are not accepting projects for p5.js web editor this year because we don’t have the mentors to support them.