GSOC 2019, Ideas for p5

Hello everyone!! I am Vedhant Agarwal and I am willing to work on Addon Library Development for p5.js. As @lmccart suggested for a welcome bot ( in p5, I thought of integrating a GitHub bot to help in making the contribution process more efficient. It will help in managing issues and PR’s.

These are the points I have thought of so far :

  • user can claim an issue. Meaning, the bot will assign the issue to the user if no one else is working on it.
  • user can also disclaim the issue
  • it will monitor the activity of issues and PR’s. Say, if the issue is idle for 10 days then it will disclaim the issue
  • If a PR is dependent on other issues as well, then a simple comment as this “//depends on #1 , #2 and maybe #3 too” will make the PR dependent to them. Only when these issues are closed can this PR be merged.
  • It can also help in labelling issues easier.

As a contributor myself, I felt the need for this and therefore I am willing to implement this along with the welcome bot through gsoc for Addon Library Development.

I would like to know others thoughts on this, and will this idea add to Addon Library Development?

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Hi @vedhant,

Thanks for this idea. As part of your proposal, it would be a good idea to include some links to existing github bots and specify whether you would propose to (1) implement one of those, (2) modify one of those, or (3) write something entirely custom.

Welcome bot has been implemented and was just merged, but you could propose modifications to this bot as part of your proposal.

This idea could fall under “addon library development”, or it may not need to be an addon library. It could just be a standalone bot implementation. It is fine to propose ideas not listed in the projects list.