GSOC 21: Addon Library Development

I am a student aspiring for participating in GSOC 21. I found the project: Addon Library Development very interesting to work on, because this would give students a chance to build something that is not yet present already, write tests for it and finally write the documentation.

Overall I feel this would be a really amazing opportunity. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me on what are some of the features and addons that Processing is looking to develop for p5.js. It would help me narrow down my ideas list.

Currently I am looking to extend ml5.js with examples and tutorials on different deep learning models since there are various models that need these tutorials as mentioned on their website. Will that be a valid proposal for this project of Addon Library Development, since it also involves extending existing libraries? Or can someone suggest ideas on what else is needed?

Thanks !

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Can someone provide some input to this? I am not sure if the above mentioned work could be a part of Addon Library Development project.

sorry but most of the mentors seem not active on the forum at the moment. your best bet is to contact them directly but I guess they won’t be able to fully support you and you have to be somewhat autonomous to do gsoc - if I understand correctly. other orgs might have different expectations so you should also check out other ones too. and I’m not 100% sure but while there’s overlap with ml5js community it’s a separate project - so while “supporting” ml5js as a lib makes sense but development of ml5js itself sounds like out of scope (but maybe I’m wrong, you should also check out ml5’s discord server)


No problem! Thanks for the help. I will definitely explore the idea further and see the scope of the project before finalising. Thanks!

Hey @micuat ,
Do mentors check our draft shared proposals from the Gsoc website and give review or not ?

I don’t know. There’s no person called mentor. I mean, they work rather individually (if I understand correctly) and it really depends on if someone wants to mentor you or not. It’s not their obligation to give feedback to every proposal. It sounds a bit harsh but they are volunteers and consider that they receive a lot of applications.

@prateek93a Addon libraries can cover any topic or area of functionality, there are not specific ones we are looking to add. I would suggest starting with an area that is interesting to you and not covered by a previous addon. I don’t know whether ml5 projects will be considered, but note that they are not included in the project list.


@lmccart Ok I will try to come up with some idea of a library that is both useful and interesting to work on.