Wanted someone's review on these issues

I am working on these 2 issues and proposed a solution as well. Wanted someone to check it so that I can create a PR. Also, I read contributors guide, but can I create PR without getting assigned?
Give PMatrix a print() method · Issue #811 · benfry/processing4 · GitHub working on it plz have a look so that I can move forward.
Feature : Scroll to Top Button for Improved User Experience · Issue #507 · processing/processing-website · GitHub plz check if this is correct


Hello, @vaishnavi192! Absolutely! If no one has claimed or been assigned to the issue, feel free to work on it and submit a PR. It’s always a good idea to check the issue thread to see if someone is actively working on it or if there are any specific guidelines to follow. Once your changes are ready, you can create a pull request and tag the maintainer for review. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback or clarification on the issue thread. Your proactive approach is appreciated!

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