GSOC 2019 - Algorithms and data structure visualization

Myself Atul Nair. I have been working on data structure and algorithm visualization using p5js. I would love to participate in this year GSOC and continue my work.
Looking forward to your suggestions.
Thank you

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Great to hear from you.

Which datastructures? I see your video of a complete graph – would this be a directed or undirected graph datastructure? I also see your screenshot – what is being visualized there? Arrays of integers?

Will you be proposing a library? If so, will your library build on any existing javascript libraries?

Hi @jeremydouglass, thanks for replying.
As you have said the video that I have linked is of a complete graph, actually an undirected one. The screenshot is of an array. and I was working on sorting algorithms on that array in a visually enhanced way.
I would be proposing a library, extending p5js for creating a visualization on data structures and algorithm. It will consist of various data structures like an array, graphs, and others. And we can apply algorithms on these data structures. For example in the case of a graph, we can apply Dijkstra’s algorithm and it will visually show it.