Addon Library Development - p5-dsa.js (GSOC)

Hi team, as a recreational user of p5.js for small projects but recently getting into Algorithms and Data Structures, I noticed the lack of availability of efficient data structures/algorithms when trying to optimize.

When making small projects, this doesn’t really matter, but when trying to scale a project and having to think about smooth FPS on browsers, people could benefit from using built in efficient data structures and algorithms, some along the lines of:

  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Map
  • Priority Queue
  • Set
  • Binary Search, Lower Bound, Upper Bound

What do you guys think? Is this something worth enough optimization for large projects to work upon as a library?

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@sggts04 any specific example for this ?

ps - you can always propose your new ideas through proposals !

check out the statement:

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