glitchP5 library no download links found

Hello folks looking for this library and unfortunately it is nowhere to be found!

Any suggestions?

hi @clicksandpops To better clarify, are you trying to use the P5glitch library from a web browser? Where is it telling you that it’s nowhere to be found?

Really sorry I wasn’t being specific. I am looking to incorporate it into a project and I cant find it. It seems like they are all dead links on the net. Thanks!

Have you tried following this example to help you debug? -

Thanks Dan I want to download this library. GlitchP5 its nowhere to be found

unfortunately, it looks like that particular ‘glitchp5’ zip file has been deleted. See this post -

You may have to run your project on for the time being. May we ask what the goal of your project is? There might be another way to implement it.

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Hi Dan

I was liking at the android app and the coder said it was based off of glitchp5. My goal is to create a paint click and drag glitch sketch on pictures. I’m new to processing so I thought this might be an easier way