Play p5.js not an importable libraries in Processing IDE?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know why the Play p5.js ( is not avalaible from the ‘Import libraries’ command of Procesing IDE, while there are many others? Is it “safe” to use it or does this mean something common Processing users don’t know?

Thanks a lot!


Although there are many there, it doesn’t mean it’s supposed to have it all! :anguished:

You can include into the “index.html” file like this: :file_folder:
<script defer src=></script>

An online example using instance mode: :spider_web:

Although I don’t spend as much time on the p5.js side, my impression is that most of the Contribution Manager libraries are on the Java side. Being able to include it yourself resolves the problem – but if you would like a convenient built-in, I believe (?) that you could also submit a request to the author (molleindustria) to include it. Authors need to create a properties file and then forward information to Processing so that their library can be automatically included in Contributions Manager. I know this is how it works on the Java side, at least…