GIFs in proposal

When I submit my final proposal as a pdf, all the GIFs that have been added to the .docx file will be converted to an image and the reviewer won’t be able to view the changes efficiently. Is there any other way I can send those GIFs to the reviewer or to someone who can pass it on to the respective person. Or should I just try to explain the changes through images. Many of them are transition changes and they are best explained by a small video. Thanks! @jeremydouglass any idea?

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+1 Same Concern.
Please let us know if it is ok to keep gif’s in proposal.

The final proposal is exported as a PDF, so I don’t think GIFs will be animated.

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Is there a specific policy against external links? Your proposal should be self-sufficient, but if there is animated gif / video content that you feel is important you could post it (for example, in the forum) and link to it from the doc. Just make sure that the doc is understandable on its own!


Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks. I will make the proposal self-sufficient without the gifs and post important vids on this forum and link to it from the doc.