GSOC proposal review

I am Ankur Mazumder, B.Tech 2nd year pursuing Computer Science Electronics from IIT Bhubaneshwar. I am willing to work on the GIF project. Unfortunately, there are no mentors allocated for this project. It would be really helpful if anyone could review my proposal before submission.
Also, I had a few doubt regarding the project. Is it absolutely necessary to tweak the code in Image function? Can I add external functions that do the job? Is an external library allowed to be used?

Thank you.

Hi @ankur_54 thanks for your interest! It is fine to add external functions if needed. It doesn’t have to fit within the existing image() function, maybe we need a gif() function. It is a possibility to use an external library. Whichever route you propose, it would be good to present the research you’ve done into the different possible approaches so we can understand why your proposal makes sense.

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