GSoC proposal for implementing GIF creation

Hello everyone!

I am Jesús Enrique Rascón, an avid user of p5.js and an aspiring contributor to the Processing Foundation.

@stalgiag as you told me, here I link my first draft to the proposal: GSoC Processing Proposal. Thanks a lot for your time!

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Hi @jesi-rgb. This looks like a great start to me!

First, I think there are two sections that you should add to this: Schedule and About Me. Those titles are quick suggestions; feel free to change them.

The purpose of a schedule is to show us how you think about scoping, sequencing, and planning the work. Which problems do you think will be the trickiest and why? Which order in the sequence will you approach these problems? What are the smaller tasks that will help make these improvements easy to maintain and build onto into the future? The schedule can be a great place to show us more of your thinking on these kinds of topics.

The about you section gives us a better idea about your background, your interests, why you want to contribute to the Processing Foundation/p5.js, why you want to participate in GSoC, etc.

Adding those two sections feels the most important. I have some feedback on how you’ve outlined the problem area and implementation but it might be better to wait until those two areas mentioned above are in place as you may cover some of my broader questions while writing those.

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Great! I’m completing those now. Thanks a lot! Will reach out again very soon!

@stalgiag Hello!

Here I present a potential new version. I believe we should break down the tasks within the time schedule a bit more, but I’m not sure of what the actual tasks will consist of… so yeah.

Let me know what you think! Thanks as always <3

Hi @jesi-rgb

This is nice progress. I am a little confused about your proposal as outlined in the timeline. This might be a matter of written clarity but I find this sentence from the Phase I section especially confusing:

I believe that being able to render high-quality, low-sized GIFs from
javascript code is an approachable goal and the first part of the whole problem. Main
goal is to get the backend all set up.

p5 is already able to render GIFs. In fact, decoding and encoding are already available as well. This is what I would think of as the ‘backend’ in this instance. You are proposing implementing an interface for using the existing backend to encode GIFs based on captures from the canvas.

The majority of the proposal looks good. I think the remaining improvements would be to improve clarity, consistency, and precision in the areas where you describe the work and outcomes. Of course, you shouldn’t spend too much time reading the codebase and planning your work, this should wait until you know whether your proposal is accepted, but do try to arrive at a concrete and final description of your planned contribution and make sure that all of the sections that describe your work serve in further defining that planned contribution.

Great, @stalgiag. Will take all that into consideration. Thanks a lot!!

What’s up, @stalgiag?

Just finished a new, hopefully clearer version of the proposal. You were right about the “backend implementation”. I really meant to tweak and test how it performed, not to actually code it from scratch, but that was the message that somehow was being provided by that last version.

I leave here the new one, in the hopes that it is now ready to be published.

Thanks as always for your time.

Hi @jesi-rgb this looks ready for review to me. Best of luck!