General wondering about Kinect like devices and clever cameras

Kinect is (Kinect was !) a great tool to use with Processing for interactive installations, but Microsoft ended it.
It is still possible, though, to buy used ones, and they’re even not very expensive. But how is it going to be in the future ? I see there are quite a lot of kinect-like devices now, and also a lot of clever AI cameras, that can be trained to identify objects or faces,… I wonder if the processing developpers community is attentive to that kind of tools and working on libraries to use it, or if it’s a way too fragmented area (too much brands, no standards,…) to work on it ?

while Kinect v1 and v2 are discontinued, you can get Azure Kinect. However I don’t think there are Processing libraries for Azure. There are other cameras like

But if you are doing body tracking, I highly recommend PoseNet in ml5.js, which can track body with a webcam without special hardware. Although it’s only for p5.js and not Processing, it’s worth checking out and you can bridge them with websockets or osc.