Kinect with Windows 10 or any alternative?

Hi everyone,

I’m about to start teaching Processing at an art academy and I would like to propose the students some interactive works with Kinect.
It’s been some years I don’t use this device and as I should buy one to test it, I checked on the web for some updates. Well, I read here and there that Microsoft discontinued the Kinect sensor since 2017.

So now I have a couple of questions:

  • is now Kinect still running on Windows 10 and is the openNI library still available for Processing 3?
    I read that there might be some versions that are still working properly…

  • do you think Kinect sensor is now a bit obsolete? if so, is there any fresh alternative to Kinect for Windows 10 and with a dedicated library for Processing 3?
    (of course I’m talking about devices with affordable prices)

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated:)