Azure Kinect library for processing

Is there anyone already try to use kinect azure with processing ?
How do you think is the best way ?
because there is still no a good library like the kinectPV2 to use with :slight_smile:

do you think it’s possible ? as the azure kinect sdk is write in C, and processing is java

cheers :slight_smile:

If there is no Java API available, and you need to call a C API, one way of doing that in Java is JNI. Creating those wrappers is definitely non-trivial, though – you would be essentially developing your own library.

In Java JNI is responsible for the C API, though I’m not too sure that you’d like to bother yourself with this one.

If you are going to create your own C wrapper in Java, I would suggest to use javacpp to create the JNI wrapper for you and build a high level Java API on top of that. Or you use the cpp lib directly and generate the wrapper for it.

Everything else is quite difficult and usually gets out of sync with the underlaying lib, if you are not further developing the wrapper. I did the same thing for the RealSense camera recently and looked into multiple different options on how to do it (and tried out all of them). In the end javacpp won in terms of convenience, simplicity and functionality.

We are getting a Azure Kinect in our lab soon, so maybe I will have time to create a basic wrapper for it. But because there is no MacOS support atm, it will be even more difficult for me (and motivation-wise harder).

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Do let me know if you Get the wrapper , library done.
As I’m using Azure kinect too , we’re stranded midway as we need processing library to interface with Azure Kinect .
Do let me know if you create/ get the libraries for it.
Thanks in advance

no, I finally didn’t create the wrapper in java, i’ m not enough skilled in java to do it.

and I have to admit that I am a little bit disappointed by the azure kinect, in particular for the body tracking part which is very slow in comparison of the kinect V2

but still interested if someone succeed to make the azure kinect works with processing :slight_smile:

thanks for all your answers by the way !