G4P GUI Builder - how to export

Hey, I was initially making a lot of the sliders and buttons myself but this ended up in hundreds of classes as I’m working on a complex project, so I downloaded the GUI builder tool. If anyone’s used this before, my question is how would my GUI details be saved? I want to send my project to a friend, I told him to download all the libraries in Processing and the builder tool but I’m afraid the builder tool will be empty on his computer and therefore rewrite the entire ‘gui’ tab. Any ideas? Cheers.

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The GUI design details created by GUI Builder are stored inside the sketch folder so if you create a GUI using GUI Builder then archive the sketch and send it too your friend they can also use GUI Builder provided you are both using the same version of G4P and GUI Builder.

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Thanks. So if I just send the ‘GUI_BUILDER_DATA’ folder and the ‘gui’ sketch file with my other files it’ll be fine? Assuming they have the same GUI builder version. Appreciate the help.

Select Archive Sketch from the tools menu. This will zip your sketch folder which includes the GUI Builder data and resources e.g. images and send the zip file. Provided they have the same version of G4P and GUI Builder it should work fimne - try it out :smile: