Repeated problems with the g4p Gui builder

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Ok, so I’m using Processing 3.5.4 and the G4P GUI Builder Tool (Version 4.4.2). I’m building a basic Image Editing Program, so I need to use several Image Buttons. I’ve now lost everything I’ve build in the GUI Builder Tool several times, and the issue is most of the time, that I can’t open the G4P GUI Builder Tool again and need to build the Program from scratch (I can copy & paste the part in the main tab, but of course not that in the gui tab).
The message I’ve been getting when I click on the G4P GUI Builder button in “Tools” is the basic field with name and Version of the tool, and after that a red message saying: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space (I can load a screenshot if you want). Can someone please help me? :).
(Sorry if the English is a bit bad, I’m not a native speaker)

Not all versions of GUI Builder are backwardly compatible. If you look inside your sketch folder there is another folder called GUI_BUILDER_DATA. If you look you inside will find a file called something like


This file holds the gui data in serialised form and indicates the version of GUI Builder used to create the GUI.

The GUI Builder version used to edit this data must be the same, ignoring the third digit of the version number so for instance

The above file can be edited by GUI Builder V4.4, V4.4.1 or V4.4.2

The file gui.ser.4.0 requires V4.0
The file gui.ser.4.1 requires V4.1
The file gui.ser.4.2 requires V4.2 or V4.2.1
The file gui.ser.4.3 requires V4.3

Earlier versions of GUI Builder can be obtained from Sourceforge and would have to be installed manually.

More information about using GUI Builder can be found on my website.