GUI builder will close because the GUI found was created with an earlier version, Help, I don't want to build again

I have this sketch that I didn’t touch in an year, and now it won’t let me edit.
Please tell me I don’t have to make it again… over 20 buttons and data…


I am running the 4.4.1 now. Don’t know how I made it…

You have two options

  1. Either start from scratch or
  2. Install the version of GUI Builder that was used to make the original sketch.

The second option is easy simply look for a folder called GUI_BUILDER_DATA (inside the sketch folder) and locate the gui.ser.?.? file. The ?.? indicates the version of GUI Builder that was used.

Download and manually install this version from Sourceforge. You will have to delete the current version first. More detailed instructions can be found here.