[fullscreen()] full screen problem

Hey guys,

at first, I want to excuse myself for my bad English-level ^^

But let’s start solving my problem :slight_smile:
When I create a window in fullscreen I have the problem that I can leave that window on the right side of my screen because I have a second screen right next to my “main-screen”. Is there any way how I can fix that problem so that I can’t leave the fullscreen anymore?
I am happy for any help! ^^

Kind regards Zipity

It’s not exactly clear what you want to do. I’m guessing that you want one sketch that runs on two physical monitors. This is supported.

In short, try passing SPAN to your fullScreen() call:

void setup() {
  // ...

If this is not what you want, then I misunderstood you. Try posting an quick diagram showing your end goal.

Hey TfGuy44,
thank you for your answer, but SPAN isn’t the solution to my problem.

I hope so it is more understandable.
I have two different screens, the red one, and the yellow one. My program is displayed on the red one in fullscreen mode. And my problem is, that I can move from red to yellow with my mouse while my program is in focus. But I want, as long as my program is in focus, that I can’t switch to the yellow screen with moving my mouse.

Kind regards Zipity

Ah. Okay. No, I don’t think that is possible. At least not easily.

I believe that level of mouse control isn’t handled by Processing – that is handled by your desktop operating system (what is your OS?). Processing can hide your mouse pointer and simulate its own with cursor commands, but I don’t believe it can trap the mouse.

You could however create a two-screen-spanning Processing application with content in each screen (in spanning fullscreen mode) and then only allow interaction with one half.