Whitelisting sites for new user links


New users frequently link to external code sites or file sites. They sometimes do this to share larger projects, or running examples of code, or sometimes to share an external image file because they can’t post images. If they post multiple links – which they often do during a discussion – they are then auto-blocked by the forum software.

What are some sites we might add to a whitelist? These are the ones that I could think of:

In addition, perhaps…?

Any suggestions appreciated.



processing.org and p5js.org might be helpful for linking the reference too.


For API reference links, besides: :books:

  1. Processing.org/reference/
  2. p5js.org/reference/

also: :link:

  1. ProcessingJS.org/reference/
  2. Py.Processing.org/reference/
  3. Android.Processing.org/reference/
  4. https://Pi.Processing.org/reference/
  5. https://www.Arduino.cc/reference/en/


These are great suggestions – thanks so much.

Reference links are really important to whitelist – and, in each of those cases, we can probably whitelist anything from their respective root domains.


Almost forgot! These 4 very important non-Processing language docs reference links: :flushed:

  1. Developer.Mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference
  2. www.W3Schools.com/tags/default.asp
  3. Docs.Oracle.com/en/java/javase/11/docs/api/index.html
  4. Docs.Python.org


Maybe stackoverflow.com?


Also, given that the processing stackoverflow channel sometimes recommends crossposting to the forum, (like the github issues directs people to the forum):

(ah, @hamoid beat me by 1 minute!)

And another channel that cross-posts material:


Obviously we can’t forget: :exclamation:

  1. www.Wikipedia.org/
  2. www.Wiktionary.org/