FAQ forum page idea

Would it be possible to create a FAQ for the forum? Not sure if I sticky post would do it, or maybe an actual static site in the Processing website. I think the FAQ could have two sections, one related to forum (formatting post, forum guidelines, forum etiquette, not erasing post policy, badges, limited privileges for novice, etc) and the second part would address common questions in the forum: Arduino 101, Android 101, timer 101, simple collisions, simple bouncing, from array to classes, why Processing is slow when it starts, etc.

I like the idea of the static site as you can embedded images and you can generate a table of content that separate the tables to the answers, or you could create answers that expands when clicking on the question. Also, you could easily reference the FAQ’s question in different posts. Most of these topics exist already either in this or prev forums. What are your thoughts?


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There is an FAQ here: https://discourse.processing.org/faq

Right now it contains the default Discourse guidelines, and I believe there are plans on expanding this with stuff that’s more specific to this forum.

I think the “common questions” section is probably better left to a wiki or a tutorial site. One way to handle that in the forum is to come up with some “canonical questions and answers” similar to how Stack Overflow does it:

Then you could link to them when the question is answered again. You could also create a master list of all of the canonical questions if you want them all in once place.

The nice thing is that anybody can take this on, so if you think this is useful, go for it!

Yes, canonical question is the way to go.

The discourse faq is good. This could be a starting point if one could modify it.

I will suggest to use this post to start building these canonical questions and their own supporting links.

I will get something going but if somebody out there want to take on a this, very welcome to do it.


Update: There is a faq already: https://github.com/processing/processing/wiki/FAQ which you can access through the Processing foundation’s landing page.

****EDIT: Another related page: https://github.com/processing/processing/wiki/Common-Errors