Gaming and Processing

Hello any and all,

I am learning coding and Processing for the very first time. I am enrolled in community college and have hopes of blossoming in the gaming industry. Are there features/functions within Processing that would allow me to learn coding for the Video Gaming industry?

Whether it’s rendering objects, or beta testing… do game developers even program in processing?

I’m an emerging artist, I spend more time singing than I do programing, so TALK DOWN TO ME, I am not well versed, but I want to be.

When you say Game you mean 3D stuff like fps (first person shooter) or rpg (roleplaying game). It is useful to make a few programs in processing to learn basic stuff like if’s/ loops / arrays.

BUT games are made in Unity, Godot or Unreal engine/editors - Check out Wikipedia for these


In my opinion …

Processing isn’t ideal for making games, but people do program games with it. I doubt many commercial studios use it – maybe for prototyping, but that’s it.

What Processing provides is an excellent environment to learn to program. It’ll help you wrap your head around universal programming concepts that you’ll apply in game development, like variables, flow control, and object-orientation. You’ll also learn how to program (from the bottom up) many of the things game engines handle for you, like collision detection, physics, and more. This should give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening ‘under the hood’ in game engines, helping you write more performant code.

If you’ve learned how to program in Processing already, this will dramatically reduce the learning curve you face when you start using a purpose-built game engine or framework.