Using java code in processing

OK, I was looking into the toy AI coding train made and found the code for flappy bird nn in processing so I copied and pasted to see what would happen, but one file said java instead of the processing end letter. do I copy and paste to try it or do I do something else?

Processing’s IDE (PDE) recognizes both “.pde” & “.java” extension files inside a project folder. :file_folder:

Here are 2 Processing examples w/ both “.pde” & “.java” files in them: :coffee:

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So I just paste it in then press play. I’m guessing. When I did the java file had an error.

A valid PDE project folder gotta have the same name as 1 of the “.pde” files inside it. :warning:

yea so how can i try the turtorial that one folder is java instead of pde

B/c a valid PDE project gotta be named as 1 of the “.pde” files inside it, obviously we’ve gotta have at least 1 “.pde” file. :pensive:

Once the demand above is satisfied, we can have as many other “.pde” and/or “.java” files inside that project’s folder. :file_cabinet:

So sketch need to be pde but the others can be any. Is that what you saying. I always thought they all needed to be pde

That’s it! Callbacks like setup(), draw(), etc., need to be inside “.pde” files. :face_with_monocle:

We use “.java” files in order to have top classes using actual Java valid syntax. :coffee:

ty. if don’t work i’ll post the files so can say how to exactly do it

In general, if you want us to help you run a thing, show us the thing, or give us a link to where you got the thing… that will speed up the help you get a lot.

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It works after I was told how to do it.