Experiments with 64 bit OS on RaspberryPI4

If you use the Raspbian Distro you are stuck with a 32bit OS for foreseeable future. I have been experimenting with the Manjaro distribution. Results are promising with my PiCrate (processing in ruby for RaspberryPI):-


still work to do to get P2D and P3D sketches running.


Did not take too much adjustment to get glsl sketches running, I only needed to add linux-aarch64.jars:-

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Cool!! I am super interested in this as I need more horsepower to get some of the things I want to do working in processing on a pi. The 4 seems like the way to go but with the current release, it runs like garbage, worse then my Pi 3B. I’m very hopeful and going to be watching closely!

I don’t know your level of skill, but it may pay you to develop your own processing core, based roughly on Sam Pottingers processing4 branch. Support from processing.org will be a long time coming. Here I’m just signposting what can be done (and what will be available in PiCrate soon). PS feel free to plunder PiCrate code for whatever is useful.

I wish I was that good! Oh well, I’ll just keep watching and cheering from the sidelines!

Video Capture also works with latest video-beta library, although stock Manjaro was originally missing some GStreamer plugins:-

@ITman496 see my latest post Processing in style with Java 11