Examples of 3D Alluvial Plots?

Do you know of any libraries or projects that use some sort of 3-D alluvial plot to plot data with processing (obviously)?


I think the best way to go is to use dedicated plot tools like ggplot2 for R :

And there’s a package to do that, ggalluvial :

Also related to that I have found a thread on the Sankey diagram :

Also a library to draw plots inside Processing :


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Thanks Josephh! I’m aware of the options in ggplot but I’m wondering whether somebody has taken the idea of alluvial plots and imported them into processing. The processing library you point to replicates 2D plots like the ones ggplot makes.

I’m more interested in something similar to Ben Fry’s tree map.

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Ok sorry if you already knew that! :wink:

I couldn’t see images from Ben Fry’s tree map libraries but you are looking for making a alluvial plot in 3d, is that right? Because looks like most of them are meant to be in 2d.