GSOC 2020 (Google Summer of Code)

The Processing Foundation applied to Google Summer of Code 2020 and was accepted.

Interested applicants can review the project list here:

The list may include possible mentors for different project ideas, who you can contact directly with questions. Processing’s point of contact for GSOC questions and coordinating with mentors is:

Forum members with experience in the Processing ecosystem are encouraged to volunteer feedback on any GSOC project proposals – we welcome your enthusiasm, constructive criticism, suggestions, or clarifying questions in aiding applicants to think about their proposals. You do not need to already be a mentor or involved in the Foundation end of the program in order to help. Indeed, sometimes actively helping a student to develop a project application is a good way to later become a GSOC mentor!


Some projects have potential mentors listed, however they may not be available for consultation. You do not need to have a Processing Foundation mentor or to consult with a mentor in order to submit.

@saberkhan : We don’t know who the mentors will be. it will depend on multiple factors that are beyond our control.

If you are excited about a proposal, you are encouraged to submit even if no mentor has been identified or is available to consult.

If you have questions about Processing (Java) projects, please keep those here – do not post them to the Processing github repo.

If you have questions about p5.js projects, please post them here and also (if you wish) consider engaging with the p5.js github community:


Thanks for posting this @jeremydouglass. Really appreciate it.

GSoC please get in touch here or via email and I will do my best to get answers to your questions. Making the questions specific will help get answers quickly.


Hi! I am shubham 3rd year computer science under-grad. I have good experience in JavaScript, HTML,CSS,React and i’ve been looking at your projects and i want to contribute in this organization. Can you tell me from where do i start?


First think about which project or projects you are interested in and why! You may also want to explore this Summer of Code category to see what other applicants are interested in.

For all potential GSOC 2020 applicants, also note that the Projects list has been updated multiple times in the last week:


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Hi! I’ve decided to work on p5.js web editor. I’ve already built the project on my system and now going through the code. Thanks for the help earlier.


Can interested GSoc candidates working on also discuss in this category ?

Thank you

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Yes! – and notice that is also listed on the Projects List linked above.

Hi! I have gone through the Project List and would like to work on the web-editor and also the web design of the parent website. I am skilled in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and jQuery.
I also want to work on the Showcase.

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Hi Everyone,

This is Oskar. I’m a CS/Math major at Columbia University with experience as Front-end developer.

I’m originally from Mexico, so I’m working on a proposal for the internationalization efforts for the p5 web editor, and was wondering if we could get some insights related to the project’s specifics and goals.

I realize that documentation is useful, but I was wondering if there’s a chance to go beyond this. For example we could build step-by-step and project-based tutorials.

Hope to hear from you soon!


@jeremydouglass I wanted to contribute in “Internationalization improvements” in all components (Website, Ref & Examples). Will it be good project to contribute? (Based on Priority of Organization)

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welcome @TheShubham99 – if you are excited to make a proposal in a project area then I encourage you to do so. Keep in mind a reasonable scope of work – Internationalization of everything in a summer may be a bit much…

As far as contacting mentors or specific questions:

Good luck!

@jeremydouglass Thanks for the suggestions.
I have decided to work on the examples for the Internationalization.

@saberkhan Is there any specific format for proposals?

I would look here - Example Proposals

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