Error the "" does not exist

I am new to Processing and am trying to utilize this project with my HS students – High-Low Tech – Using the Codeable Objects Processing Library

When I run the code I receive an error message The package “” does not exist. You might be missing a library.

How can I rectify this error?

Hi! Welcome, and it looks like an interesting project. Actually the answer is already in your link, please follow from “Step 3: Download the Codeable Objects library” to download and properly install the missing library.


I did follow those directions put am unable to access the files.

When I attempt – Sketch Import Library, these files are not available.

When I attempt – Sketch Add File, the file will load but I receive the error – The package “” does not exist. You might be missing a library – when I attempt to run the file.

Any advice?



oh I see. Sorry that obviously I didn’t check the link :slight_smile:

I think what you can do is to contact the people on the website to see if they have a copy of the library. But it seems the project is quite old, based on Processing 1.x while the current version is 3 so you may encounter more issues running the program even if you get the library.


Thank you for your help!