Error in compile Processing file through polargraphcontroller

hi everyone, I want to run a processing code through polargraphcontroller but I got this error, what seems to be the problem? the code is n existed processing code in this polargraphcontroller but it is not working :frowning:

Search your setup function and the size() command

Probably there are variables which is not allowed anymore

Please change to numbers like 800,800

Nothing to do with polargraphcontroller

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Hello @freesheida1984,


What version of Processing are you using?

From the “run it from source” link in above page:


I changed the variables of size to number 800 for both “w” and “h”, but it keeps giving me the same error. I don’t know what is the problem :frowning:

I exactly follow this link but gives me the error, I use processing version 3.5.4

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Hello @freesheida1984 ,

I followed the instructions and it is working with Processing 2.2.1: