Procesing controlP5 error

arduino v plotter not work
what is the problem I do not understand help me please

WARNING: You are using a character that is not supported by controlP5’s BitFont-Renderer, you could use ControlFont instead (see the ControlP5controlFont example).
20.Şub.2019 18:50:43 controlP5.BitFontRenderer getWidth

The bitfontRenderer is based on a per pixel technique and is not using processing’s PFont renderer.

so what text / character you try to show?

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arduino v plotter project end polargraph


That doesn’t answer the question: “what text are you trying to show?”

Try sharing your code. You may be having language / character problems if the example text is English but you are using a different language.

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wrong text

hata%203 this text wrong

Hmm, from the screenshots your letter “I” is always missing.

Wait, you are using Processing 1.5.1 ?? Hmm. That might have something to do with it. What version of ControlP5 are you using?

ControlP5 1.2 version

Was that cp5 version bundled with the plotter project, or did it tell you to download that version?

files given in the project

so no way for us to test anything?
( no link, no code zip… )

but i found a link to version what uses
Processing v2.2.1

now the name is similar but i not know if that is the same project anyhow?

still as Processing 1.5.1 is available
we can not say you must update…


friends thank you very much for your help