Processing 2 compiled program does not show gui

I’m using Processing 2 on a Win10 computer and try to compile a code for a plotter. I did not write the code. You can find the code here

The program works fine when I run it from the IDE but compiled as exe file it does not show a window. The exe file does something, for example it creates a file at first run but there is no GUI.

Any ideas?

BTW it does not run on Processing 3 or 4

The link does not work

Sorry. Now it’s the correct link.

No problem these things happen.

I downloaded the code but could not get it to run on Processing 2.2.1 IDE. It is a huge sketch with many tabs with two 3rd party library dependencies so I am not sure I can find the actual problem.

Since you have it working on your computer in the IDE but it fails when exported the most likely problem is that some resources (images, libraries) are not being included in the exported application.

I suggest that you compare the resources in the Processing sketch with those in the exported application and see if something is missing.