Error 400 Invalid Request

<For at least two weeks my students and I have been receiving this error in both Chrome and Safari. Eventually we can log on, but it seems to be getting worse. I have googled "P5.js Authentication Error 400 to no avail. It happens on both my school network and on my home network. Any suggestions or redirection to the correct forum would be greatly appreciated. Thank you./>

Hi @eharkins,

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

Thanks for reporting, I have the same error from Google. This has something to do with the OAuth configuration on the p5js editor part.

The issue was already reported on the GitHub repository:

I linked this thread on the issue so let’s wait for feedback :wink:

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Hey y’all, p5.js editor lead here. I will investigate this and try to fix it as soon as I can, hopefully today!


Hi cassie
Thank you for the speedy reply!!

This has been fixed! Apologies that it took a couple of weeks to fix this. In the future, for more urgent issues like this one, please feel free to email We’re a really small team and there are a lot of notifications on discord/discourse/GitHub/Twitter/etc., so it is hard to sift through that and find the urgent stuff. I can also do a better job of creating a system for funneling urgent issues and communicating this system. I really appreciate your patience and support!

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Hi Cassie and P5 team,

You all really outdid yourselves!!

Thank you so much for fixing this. My students and I are grateful.

Saludos from Santiago, Chile!

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Thank you for the quick support! :yum: