Educational sketches


I’m experimenting with making P5 based educational illustrations and animations, as a way to integrate programming with other school subjects. The idea is to offer a sketch that illustrates a concept (e.g. fraction sizes by drawing pie charts) and allows the class toy around with the parameters in the source code (e.g. numerator and denominator, colors, sizes). I think this could work well for geometric concepts, trig functions, function plotting, some color theory concepts.

The fraction example in two forms:

I’m wondering if anyone else is working on something like this or if such sketches already exist. What other concepts could benefit from this kind of educational illustrations? Is P5 the right framework to use? It might be too low level, resulting in large programs which scares off non-IT teachers. I know of the manin framework for Python by the 3Blue1Brown creator, but couldn’t find anything similar for JS or P5.


See Creating a community of Science, Math teachers and Programmers who are interested in visualizations - #12 by wavesmith

Thank you, that’s what I was looking for!

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