3Blue1Brown like videos using P5JS

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I am looking to start making high-quality math content like 3Blue1Brown but specialised for primary and high school students (Example here) . However, I want students to be able to interact with the visualisations as a widget on a website. WIth manim (the library used to make that video) being written in Python this makes this task very difficult to achieve. Has anyone been able to achieve this desired effect with Manim? Any rumours about a javascript implementation of manim?

Another option I am considering is to make manim like videos using p5js https://p5js.org/. However, there would be a bit of extra work required since p5 does not have the same features as manim for certain use cases. Has anyone made educational math videos using p5js, if so do you have any tips and tricks?

Please share any thoughts or ideas :slight_smile:


Manim is an animation library and is used to make a math-based animation if u want to make something interactive p5js is perfect for that. I had also made some of 2b1b visualization in p5js so I can tell u it’s possible and u can even use the p5js math module for some computation


I’m really glad to hear that u is going the length to explain math by making it Interactive I wish u and ur students good luck with that

Have you checked this ??

I think it’s important to correctly decide what we want to do. Manim is an animation library. I think it has been developed to make the whole video visually appealing and entertaining (So it includes things like text transition, morphing of shapes etc) and also at the same time it also has tools for creating real pedagogical visualizations like graph, vector field etc. There are also other elements like music in the videos to make it more entertaining.

While telling 3Blue1brown like videos, do you mean that you wish to include just the visualization or do you also plan to include the smooth transition, shape morphing and other things?

If just the visualizations, I think as we create more lessons, we can create reusable libraries one by one like for example, creating vector fields.

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Oh wow this is awesome thank you for sharing!

To answer your other questions the purpose of a lirbary like this is to help make video content along with interactive workbooks using the same visualisations shown in the video. I think 3B1B is the gold standard for video education content so wanting to recreate that.