Drawing "Windows style" screen

Hi all,

To implement a measuring system, I wish to drive an ARDUINO and get back some ADC measurement.

I know the basic stuff (how to send a command with a click of the mouse and the like …) but I would like to know if there are some libraries to draw “window like” frame, or if I have to do it “by hand” with the basic commands to draw forms, rectangles…

Thanks for your advice.


I fopund a “Gui builder tool”, this could be the trick??

G4P and ControlP5 are two libraries that offer GUI elements which you can use to build your window/frame applications. I mean, they are based on Processing, and even every Processing sketch has a window, the sketch window. If this window is enough for you, then what you are looking for are GUI elements like buttons, sliders, text box,etc. Both libraries are suitable to do this. I recommend you install them though the lib contribution manager in the PDE and explore the examples provided, which you can access through the PDE via Files>>Examples and then go to the Contributed library folder.

You can have more than one sketch (window) in your application, if needed. If this is what you are after, you can previous prev posts describing how to do that or let me know and I can provide you some examples.


I’ve installed G4P and now I’m struggling to use a single Button!

The auto generated code works, and I see in the console the button clicked, but I’m unable to capture this event!