Cursor() issue in (python mode)

I have been encountering a recurring issue in Python mode (processing 3.5.4).

If I add cursor(HAND) to my sketch, regardless of which definition I place it under (either setup() or draw(), even in setting() ), The cursor will only correctly display the first time I run my sketch. Then it returns to the regular mouse pointer.

Has anyone else encoutered this issue?

I have also noted that in python mode’s editor I have to save after any alterations to my code in order to have new changes appear when I run my sketch. This slows my iteration and seems a bit buggy. Is this intentional or required with python? Any ideas if this is a recurring issue?

Clarifications appreciated.

def setup():
    size(500,500, P3D)
def draw():
    ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 100,100)
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I can confirm that I encountered the same issue (on Windows). Is there a specific reason you’ve defined a 3D sketch? Interestingly, the problem doesn’t appear to affect 2D sketches.


Cheers @JSGauthier!

I also struggle with this issue of having to save before each execution on Python mode, I’d add this only happens if you have multiple tabs (single tab sketches run fine even without saving). I suspect this is a limitation introduced by the way Python mode treats the tabs (as modules, .py files) that are imported from files on disk.

As for the cursor() issue it seems to have the same issue on Linux, and with any of the special cursors, like CROSS, & etc. Also, if you try noCursor() and then cursor(...) you get stuck with no cursor!


Muscle memory I suppose. I use the P3D renderer for most of my projects. For me, the problem persists in P2D mode. Though not when the default renderer is active.

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Thank @villares,

Yes, the noCursor() glitch was a surprise for me too. I thought perhaps I needed to add it to the settings() definition but it was no help.

I am reassured that I am not alone in dealing with this. I must have begun experiencing it as I began working with new tabs while implementing new classes for my python scripts.

Perhaps we can repport it as a bug?

I think the cursor thing is certainly a bug.

The tab saving thing I would rather frame as a feature request because I know the maintainer, JDF, is utterly and completely overwhelmed and I suspect it might involve a huge, structural, change to obtain the nice behavior we would like to have.

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I have posted the bug here:

As it is my first time posting on Github, please let me know if this is sufficient information.