Could I use P5.js to make games that runs on Kaios Phones?

I would like to make some simple 2d games to run in low cost Phones that runs KaiOs (Like JioPhone. Is P5.js suitable for that? In terms of performance?

Judging based on the article’s description of lag in what’s app I suspect p5js will be too heavy but you could always give it a try. You might look into something like melonjs or pixijs which I believe are lighter weight but even then I would guess that the existing games are coded in c++ or something lower level. It’s almost a necessity for such low powered hardware. You might also give the kaios developer docs a read.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The apps to these phones are based in html5/Js:

KaiOS apps are based on web technologies–HTML, CSS, and JavaScript–and are run by Gecko runtime.

My doubt is if Processing.js will add much overhead.

I will try but I don’t have one of these phones yet.